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What wife calls ‘father’? Bollywood Actress Dig

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Supermodels, actors, film producers, fitness promoters – everyone knows this Indian star. He proves that he is just a number. Many people are blinded by his fitness. He is the ‘crush’ of countless young women. Milind Soman’s age drip! Milind Soman’s wife, Ankita, is 20 years younger than him. Since spreading the news of the marriage of the two Milind-Ankitara age group has faced the slander of the miscreants multiple times. Marriage was no exception.

According to Indian media, G News reports that Milind Soman has to face repeated questions about the age of the film, even though the year has passed. This time, some of the new Internet celebrities took a look at this popular Bollywood model-actor. Before that, Milind Soman had publicly said that love is important to him. Age is not a factor. He said that Ankita’s mother, mother-in-law, is also younger than her. So what happened? In an interview recently, Milind said that he was with Farak, 25 years old. That is, the age difference with his mother, the same with Ankita.

Ankita may have called Milind a ‘papaji’, recently suggesting to some of the people of internet. This is how the star’s Instagram handle was attacked. Of course, Milind replied in a very funny way. He said that he was sometimes called ‘papaji’ or ‘papaji’! Although hearing Milind’s reply, no one took notice.

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