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Sub-registrar resurrected dead to seize Rs 1 crore

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Jahangir Alam, the then sub-registrar of Valuka upazila of Mymensingh, has seized Rs 9 crore through paper fraud. Two more are involved with Sub-Registrar Jahangir Alam. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has filed two cases against the three, including Sub-Registrar Jahangir Alam, after receiving evidence of fraud of nine crores. He filed a case against them.

However, Sub-Registrar Jahangir Alam has been transferred from Valuka to the Jhenaidah Sub-Registrar’s office in Jessore a month ago. The case has been mentioned in the Duduk case. Nine crore has been recovered.

By fraud, a fake document was registered in Varadoba upazila of the upazila by creating fake commissions using the names and addresses of a deceased person and a person living abroad.

They seized land worth about Tk 5 million through fake documents. Upon hearing of the incident, the ACC found the facts and embezzlement of documents in the initial search. Two cases were filed against them in the state on Wednesday afternoon. Deputy Commissioner of the Mymensingh Joint District Office Sadhan Sutra Dhar said the ACC had registered two cases against three persons, including sub-registrar Jahangir Alam, for the seizure of land worth Tk 1 crore.

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