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Bangladesh Television (BTV) started broadcasting in India from the morning of September 2. Bangladesh Information Minister Hasan Mahmud officially inaugurated the BTV broadcast in India that afternoon. India’s High Commissioner to India Riva Ganguly Das was present at the inauguration. Now one may wish to know if people are watching BTV in India and West Bengal after the week has passed! A woman by the name of Balaka Sengupta writes about BTV on Facebook, “I’ve been watching BTV for the past three to four days. Channel name BTV World. Bangladesh is not a television. It seems to be open to visitors from abroad.

The first day felt pretty good. New things, good or bad, have been seen all day. But repeat the same event from the next day. Whenever I open BTV I wonder if I have seen it before. Every day is a show, the same promotion is the same song. At least I didn’t see anything new. ”Balaka Sengupta contacted people in West Bengal to seek the rationale for such a comment. BTV doesn’t look too bad for Malikpur resident Nikhilesh Ghosh. He said, ‘BTV is not what I see very much. It is only a few days before the campaign has begun in India. I know about Bangladesh. Daytime rituals are not seen under pressure. Saw the drama at night. There is a demand for Bangladesh drama in West Bengal. I’d seen on the internet before. Now watching on TV. ‘

However, the resident’s manager, Praveer Bose, expressed some resentment at the government’s over-singing. “Most of our guests are Bangladeshi,” he said. Bangladeshi guests came to our hotel from the train. So BTV for them nowadays. Even though they don’t watch BTV. Busy with work We see I feel good. I know about Bangabandhu. If you want to know Bangladesh then you need to know Bangabandhu. But the problem is that BTV repeatedly telecast the same program. It’s boring Sometimes I change the channel. How long is the same show! BTV should take care of these matters. ‘

However, Deepan Roy of Youtube on West Bengal spoke to BTV viewers. He said, “I have heard that the broadcast of BTV has started in India. This is good news But how many people will watch BTV through the DTH free dish is a big deal! Nowadays the number of recipients of free dishes in India is very few. The people who are fed up also take paid connections. Be it in the village, on the hill. With so much hype, the broadcast of BTV started, but I think people will not be interested in broadcasting BTV through free dishes. ”

Meanwhile, BTV Director General Aaron Aur Rashid said, “BTV World is not only broadcast in India. It is broadcast worldwide. When in India, night in another country. Visitors in the country at night can not watch the day’s broadcasts. So it is reprinted. It has to be done. ‘

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