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It costs five and a half thousand rupees to make stamps and seals

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Lootless looting is organized. The river is one, the area is the same, but the cost of conserving its banks is of three types. And this cost interval is Tk 5 to 10 crore per kilometer. The cost of making each signboard is Tk 5 lakh. The cost of stamps and seals is Tk. And this cost has been proposed for the conservation project of 1.5 km along the Sandwip Channel in Noakhali’s Companyiganj.

There is no restriction on the proposal of the ministries for the development projects. Expenditure levels increase as the years go by. In most cases, the recommendations of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) are not being implemented. According to the Planning Commission sources, the government has approved a project to conserve arrows at a cost of Tk. The project is to protect the Musapur closure, regulator and adjacent areas from the breakdown of the Sandwip Channel in Companyiganj upazila of Noakhali district and the left bank of the Musapur Regulator.

The cost of preserving 1.5 km of arrows has been estimated at Tk. 1.5 km road construction and carpeting cost 1 crore 5 lakh 5 thousand. The project will cost Tk 2.5 lakh to build five signboards. Expenditure on seals and stamps is Tk 1 lakh 3 thousand. Expenditure analysis of PEC shows that on average, the cost per arch per kilometer will be Rs 22 crore 1 lakh 2 thousand. There are three types of expenditure on preserving arrows in the same area of ​​the same river. The cost of 1.5 km for the diversion channel of Musapur Regulator is 22 crore 1 lakh 3 thousand rupees. And for the same channel, the cost of the 8 million or half a kilometer on the shore of the same channel is 1 crore 22 lakh 3 thousand.

On the other hand, on the left bank of the channel kiln, the cost for the two and a half kilometers is Tk. There will be a cost of 25 million 1 lakh 20 thousand kilometers. There have been various questions about the cost of development projects taken by the government. The project is wasting money through excessive spending. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), the Prime Minister directed that the project related to water resources be submitted for approval without thorough scrutiny. But these instructions are not being followed in the preparation of the project proposal.

In the context of the project, the project titled New Dakatia and Old Dakatia Small Feni River drainage project started from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Closure of them was made in the 27th. The Irrigation Wing of the Planning Commission says the reason for this expenditure has to be explained every kilometer for the conservation of river banks. Here is the details of the chain of work, the place, the design and the materials used.

The cost should be reduced to the logical level. Similarly, the expenditure incurred on road construction and carpeting should also be reasonably determined. The irrigation wing has objected to the construction of a half-kilometer thorny fence at a cost of Tk. 1 lac 1 thousand. There is no need to spend so much on the construction of five signboards. It has been recommended by the PEC for inclusion in the contractor’s contract. On the other hand, stamps and seals have been asked to reduce the expenditure by about Tk 5 lakh by Tk 1,00,000. The irrigation wing has said that there is no justification for having seven lakh taka in the seminars and conference sectors.

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