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A cow calf looks like a human baby

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If you look at the hut, you can go to the crowd. Not just people, but looks a lot like human faces. In the village of Villa Ana in Argentina, a calf born to a calf, the whole area was noisy. If you look at the consistency of the small nose and mouth, you will not think it is a calf. Experts say that rare genetic changes may have caused such an event.

According to the report, the calf died within hours of being born with such anatomical structure. Genetics expert Nicholas Magnago said the rare genetic mutation may have caused it.

Mutations are mutations in the DNA sequence that have migrated to that calf. This is a spontaneous change, through mutagenesis, physical, chemical or biological agents. Earlier this year, a calf with two heads, four eyes, two mouths was born in a village in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Was born As a result, noises were falling in those areas.

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