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As was 4 years ago

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Model Suprabha Mahbub binte sanai. The actress prefers to be at the center of discussions on various issues at different times. Some time ago, sharing her ‘previous and next’ pictures via social media, Sanai wrote, ‘Who is the left side? Does anyone know? ‘

Recently, the actress posted a picture of herself four years ago and present on her Facebook. Caption with, ‘I could not have posted this before the birthday. The first photo was taken in front of my Stamford University (Dhanmondi campus) in the 21st. The next one was taken in the studio at 20. What a wonderful life! ‘

A breast implant has cost Tk 100,000 in Thailand to make his body more attractive for years. Thereby increasing the size of the breast. And that’s why he basically became the object of discussion.
It is to be noted that Sanai was contracted to act as a screenwriter in about seven films including dormant fire, brave warrior, autobiography, revenge, waiting.

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