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Rickshaw driver Selim did not win the lottery

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Selim did not get Tk 5 lakh after winning the lottery of the Cancer Cure Hospital. Selim Mia, a day laborer at Trishal in Moin Singh, bought the lottery ticket for seven years. The hope was to win millions. However, Selim did not get the money to win a lottery ticket at the Cancer Cure Hospital. The information has come up in a private television report.

Selim Mia said her wait was over at the latest Cancer Cure Hospital lottery 20. The first prize is the Tk 1 lakh number that matches his ticket. But he did not get the money. Selim Mia also said that during the lottery sale, he says he will get a house and get a car. Now I have not got home. I did not get a car. I did not get that money. He has spent four months trying to get money. After receiving the money, he was burned in the oven at the end of his anger and anger.

However, he did not get the money but his name in the area is Lakhopati Selim. He lost some of his mental balance in thinking of lottery money. Lottery entrepreneur Dr. Molla Obaidullah told the rest of the telephone that no one claimed the first prize. The deadline has passed, so there is no more opportunity to pay.

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