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From 8 pm to 5 pm crying will reduce body fat

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If there is fat in the stomach or fat, it is difficult to return, as beauty is lost. Many people are not too fat but have a lot of discomfort in the abdominal fat or in some areas of the body. It does not feel good to have any good clothing. But you can not reduce the body fat despite trying. This is the good news for them. From 8 pm to 8 pm weeping will reduce body fat. Wondering what to hear.

Then tell me the reason. What is that Science says that when we cry, a hormone called cortisol is released from our body. As these hormone levels increase in the body, our body fat decreases. Also, hormones affected by stress can release toxins in our body. It is also useful for weight loss. William Fry, a world-renowned biochemist, supports this finding.

In addition, our cardiac muscles burn about eight and a half calories an hour when we are at rest. When we are overwhelmed, our heart rate increases. This increased heart rate causes the muscles to over-stimulate. As a result, our fat is reduced.

Then buy crying from 7am to 8pm. Were crying at any time. But science says, cortisone hormone is most commonly consumed between 7am and 8pm. So this is the best time to cry. But you really have to cry. If you do not cry sadly, you are unlikely to become obese. So, when you cry later, never stop. Crying not only lightens the mind, the body remains healthy. Do not try to reduce the fat by trying once.

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